Klondike Derby

On 2nd March 2 teams of 6 Scouts set out for the traditional huskey sledge race but without the dogs. Team B (Kyle, Jason, Craig, Brice and Andrew) set out around the farm with their aluminium sledge to the first base where you had to build a storage device out of canes and string from the sledge. Going on to base 2 through the mud and on down the path to where Clive was waiting with a miniature fish pond but instead of fish there was tyres to catch. On leaving base 3 we got rammed by a sledge. They fell over while we stayed standing and added a black stripe to the English flag. Gillian was at base 3 with a first aid quiz. Base 4 caused problems for most, making route Cards. At base 5 we left the sledge (though careful of theft) and followed the tracking signs. To get to base 6 we had to go down the steepest hill on the farm (it was worse than driving down Skipton Road). Base 6 was probably the easiest base as all you needed to do was get a ball over the river and into a bucket using a drain pipe and anything from the sledge. In our case this as gafa tape (thank you inventor). With a tow from the quad-bike we got to base 7 where we made a cane carriage to transport someone on. Base 8 was swimming in the mud, and so would you if you had fallen off the bridge you had to make. We went to have lunch then went on to base 9 which was where you had to make pancakes on a home made cooker. We didn’t eat our pancakes from the high risk of food poisoning eating them half cooked. There was a leak at base 10 and a plug needed wiring by untrained DIY Scouts. We met Gillian at base 11 to build her a portable house. At base 12 we had to keep silent and tie a know. Hard for some but easy for others. Base 13, the tent race. How quickly can you put up a tent? Base 14 was the map symbols test and base 15 was the Dutch arrows, the best one. It always happens that you can do better after the actual shot that was marked. More firs aid with Clive at base 16 then down to the finish line for the results. We came 2nd by 13 points

At the top of the page Louise has been challenge by the boys from Scarborough to slide down hill in the mud!