Jack Frost Hike

Written by Caitlin

On Saturday 17th January, my family and I went on our first hike with the 16th Harrogate Scout Troop. We started off at Aysgarth Falls, where it was absolutely chucking it down! But fortunately we were wrapped up in our waterproofs! Not long after, the sun began to shine, we were really joyful. We walked alongside the River Ure from Aysgarth towards Wensley. We climbed over lots of stiles and they were extremely slippery from the mud

There was one really steep hill and my family and I were tired after that bit! We stopped for lunch by the river. We had carried our sandwiches we had to make sure we didn’t leave any letter and we put all our rubbish in our backpacks which were a lot lighter

After we climbed another steep hill and we got pas that, we could see massive puddles! More like ponds in the field where it had flooded. Some of the Scouts, including me, jumped in them and got really wet! So much for waterproofs!

My Dad was taking lots of pictures of us, that was good because I would like pictures to remember the hike. Unfortunately the hike came to an end. We had reached Wensley. My family and I really enjoyed the experience of it all. Dad had parked the car at Wensley after he had dropped us off at Aysgarth and had been taken back to Aysgarth to do the hike. So at Wensley we got into the car to go to the ice cream parlour and the car wouldn’t start! Dad had left the headlights on and the battery was flat! It was good being with Scouts because someone would have jump leads, be prepared. It looked as if everyone except Dad. Everyone was helpful and Becky#s Dad got our car started

The parlour was good too and me and Becky had Mr. Men ice creams, whilst my mum and dad had flapjack but they enjoyed it, mu brother had double scoops!

All in all the day was fantastic, and my family and I would really love to go on the next Jack Frost Hike, and we would like to thanks Clive for organising a great day