This is an overview of the Cub programme for the current term. This is a combined programme for both Cub packs so there will be 2 programme entries for each week

Please also visit the Upcoming Events page for camps and weekend activities


29/04/2019Unnamed meeting
01/05/2019Unnamed meeting
08/05/2019CubJam 2019
13/05/2019Unnamed meeting
15/05/2019Unnamed meeting
22/05/2019CubJam 2019
03/06/2019Unnamed meeting
05/06/2019Unnamed meeting
10/06/2019Unnamed meeting
12/06/2019Unnamed meeting
17/06/2019Unnamed meeting
19/06/2019Unnamed meeting
24/06/2019Unnamed meeting
26/06/2019Unnamed meeting
01/07/2019Unnamed meeting
03/07/2019Unnamed meeting
08/07/2019Unnamed meeting
10/07/2019Unnamed meeting