On Friday 31st May the Scouts from 16th Harrogate joined up with Scouts frm Upper Nidderdale on a 4 day camp at Walesby Forest in Nottinghamshire

This was a break from the norm for 16th, as the Scouts were allowed much greater freedom to do what they wanted to than they would usually have on camp. Instead of the strict regime of activities set up and supervised by the Leaders, the Scouts were allowed to go off on their own in groups to the activities the chose to take part in. Of course the Scouts enjoyed the freedom, but so did the Leaders!

Activities offered over the weekend included quad bikes, climbing, archery, shooting and water activities

Almost all Scouts elected to leave the comfort of their tents for the last night on camp, choosing to bivvy out instead

We managed to capture a few of the Scouts on camera over the weekend and have chosen the best photographs to appear on the website

A huge thank you must go to our friends at Upper Nidd for the contribution to the trip. Scout camp has never been so easy!